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Over 20 years in the Salesforce Tower

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Diamond Engagement Specialist

For your special someone

We are still designing & making jewelry!!

We may not be open due to physical distancing, but we can talk via phone, video or communicate through email. Let's take advantage of today's technology to make beautiful jewelry and put a smile back on your face!

Call or message us today!


This is a portal to a vast variety of jewelry that is finished and ready to wear.  It has been carefully sourced from my vendors and is exceptional in quality as well as heavily discounted.


We start with an idea. We find a balance between budget and functionality and a team of professional CAD designers, casters, diamond setters and finishers makes that idea a magical reality!


Access to thousands of diamonds of all shapes, sizes and quality. The prices shown are discounted but not necessarily what you will pay. I will guide you in selecting the best diamond for your budget at the best price!

Welcome to Orofino Jewelers

Orofino founder Steve Brown insists that having a relationship with a jeweler that you trust and enjoy is no different than the relationship you have with your doctor, accountant or financial planner. "You don't need them all the time, but when you do, you need to borrow their experience and trust their opinions."  Steve's straightforward approach was quickly embraced by the professional downtown population and through nothing but word of mouth referrals; Orofino now serves a client base from coast to coast.